What's the catch?  There has to be a catch?  

There really isn't one.  It's a pretty simple formula.  Companies need to know about the consumers using their games and technology products and they're absolutely willing to pay for your opinions.  It just so happens as gamers and tech users, we happen to love talking about this whether paid or not (shhh! Don't let them know or you'll ruin this for everybody).

While it isn't a catch per se it is important to note that space at paid research is limited.  While we strive to invite as many people as possible there just isn't enough for everyone to attend groups regularly.  This impacts you in two ways.  One, you may not be invited nearly as often as you would like or expect.  Two, if you are invited it may be some time (normally 3 or so months) before you are invited again.  If you are looking for a new income stream, this likely isn't it.  If you want a cool way to make some extra cash and have your voice heard this is perfect.


I am only a little into games, should I bother joining? 

YES!  We are always looking for people that represent the broad audience of gamers.  Even if you only play a little or used to play, but don't anymore your opinion holds a lot of value.  


What do I need to do? 

Your part is simple.  All you need to do is sign up and each month answer a few short questions to stay an active member.  Why three questions?  It's simple really...to make sure you are still with us.  If research comes up in your area you'll be asked to answer a few more questions and see if you qualify and participate.  Normally participation is around $75 to $100 bucks for an hour to an hour and a half, but more importantly the discussion is usually lively and a good way to get heard on games.


What is this Game Giveaway?

We understand it can be frustrating to stay on a panel and feel like you get nothing out of it and not everyone can be invited to research.  For that reason we have started a Game Giveaway.  The rules and restrictions are here, but that's legal mumbo jumbo.  Basically all you need to know is that we give away a game on the platform of the winners choosing each and every month.  IT COULD BE YOU!


How do I increase my chances of getting into a study? 

Make sure you respond to emails and keep your monthly information up to date.  That and be honest in your responses when invited to a study!  There really is no way to ensure getting invited to participate in a study, however, by being dishonest you can be assured that you will NOT be invited again in the future.

...but if I say "YES!" to everything doesn't that make me more likely to be chosen?

Not necessarily.  The people we are looking to invite to do research are a broad spectrum.  We are often looking for really core users of a product, but just as often we are looking for people that DON'T use the game or product to get their perspective as well.


I have a friend that wants to join, can I share this website? 

Absolutely not, this is just between us.  Seriously though, we would love it if you shared.  One thing we are considering is a referral program so that not only do the people who participate get paid, but those that brought them to the site also get a cut.  Needless to say, that is a little more complicated, but is something that is in the pipeline if there is interest.