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  • This seems like a scam. Is this legit?
    We get asked this question more than anything else. You’re not alone in thinking this is too good to be true. First, yes. We are a legitimate business. We operate out of our Atlanta headquarters. You can meet our fantastic team of employees by clicking "Meet the Team" in our header. We continue to receive great reviews on Facebook and Google. Here is a video of our founder and CEO, Mark, explaining a little more about the business.
  • How much can I make? How does Well Played make money?
    We are a market research company. We pay $100-200 per participant for everyday people to share their opinions on topics with us. We are paid by our clients to collect and analyze these opinions, so we always pay those who provide those opinions to us (unlike some marketing research scams). Sometimes, we compensate our participants with giveaways — like a free Nintendo Switch or PS5 — but we’re always up front with what the compensation per study will be, as to avoid any surprises. It's important that we point out — our research opportunities are not intended to be a revenue stream. Instead, think of a Well Played Research panel as a great opportunity to try something new, have your opinions heard, and make a bit of money for your time.
  • What are these paid opportunities like?
    We host online and in-person video game research sessions that can last from 60 to 180 minutes, and may be in a group or one-on-one setting, depending on predetermined project criteria. In these sessions, you may be part of a roundtable discussion, see previews of upcoming games and concepts, and sometimes even participate in a playtest. (Yes! You could get paid to play video games!)
  • How do you choose who gets to participate?
    We choose panel participants based on their answers to a basic survey about gameplay habits and preferences. This survey is sent via email to our registered users and is accessible to first-timers through Opportunities page. From there, our recruiters work to match you with an upcoming opportunity, contact you via phone, text, or email to get to know you a little better and set up logistics. Day-of, you participate in the group and are digitally paid via Paypal or an Amazon gift card (if preferred) within 48 hours.
  • What's the catch?
    Really, there isn't one. In fact, we tend to only get one complaint — we can’t host everybody all the time. We know it sucks not getting picked. (Everyone wants to get paid to play video games — even us!) We always want to host as many people as possible in our video game research sessions, so we encourage everyone interested to stick close to their inbox and our website and social accounts for more upcoming paid gaming opportunities we hope will be a great fit.

Taking your introductory survey is risk-free. Provide a first name, an email, a ZIP code, and a month and year of birth, and you're all set to tell us your gaming preferences and become an active recruit for an upcoming paid opportunity.

There's no obligation, and the data you provide will be kept safe and private. We only use your player profile data to get you into a group — it's not the data we use in our research.

Still not convinced?

Please reach out to or use the chat window to ask any additional questions you may have.

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