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Fact: This is not a scam. It's just market research. We get hired by clients to find everyday video game players and ask them their opinions on our clients' upcoming projects.

Fact: We don't ask for any information we could "scam" you with, anyway. Just your first name (so we know what to call you), email (so we can contact you when you're selected), month and year of birth (to calculate your age), and ZIP code (to make sure if a study is local, you could attend).

Fact: We get asked this question more than anything else. You’re not alone in thinking this is too good to be true.



  1. The Initial Survey Everyone's Well Played experience starts with a survey. If you haven't taken our introductory survey yet, we'll need to get a few things out of the way first. That means name, email, ZIP code — the basics. We won't ask for passwords, address, date of birth, last names, and certainly no financial or identity information. We just need to know what to call you, how to call you, and where you might be able to attend an event. That's it. Our new recruiting tool was launched, in part, to make sure our surveys are as short and efficient as possible. We respect your time and protect your privacy as best we can, and our tool has made strides to help ensure that.

  2. The Gameplay Survey Next, we'll ask about your gameplay habits. What do you play? On what consoles? How much? Just basic information to get a player profile going to help us decide which of our upcoming studies are a fit. Tell us as much as you want, but being totally honest is the best policy. Saying "yes" to everything might actually exclude you from more studies than it would qualify you for. We're looking for well-rounded but also realistically experienced gamers.

  3. More Surveys?! Yes. More surveys. If you've taken our introductory survey, you're now in our recruiting database. Now, you're signed up to receive our best fitting opportunities directly in your email inbox. However, there might be some studies out there you're a great fit for because of new experiences you've had or a few details we forgot to ask for in our last survey. So if you see a social post, an ad, or an opportunity on our Opportunities page you think you'd be a great fit for, fill out the survey! It helps us learn more about you and tells us you are still interested in participating.

  4. Wait...Is this survey the study? Am I getting data mined? Nope. We only use your demographic and gameplay information to assign you to the right group. We'll use any information you provide to us during recruiting solely to fit you into the right study for you. Your survey answers get you into the group. Then the research begins only after you're in our lab or online panel.



Here's our Atlanta headquarters.

Click the "Team" link in our header to meet our employees.

Read our Facebook or Google reviews.

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Check out our privacy policy.

Then sign up. We promise to provide the best experience possible.

We hope to see you in the lab or online soon!


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