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1. The Screener

Whether you’ve opened an email, visited our site, or clicked an ad, you’ll always begin your Well Played Research experience by taking a survey. These surveys usually take about 5 minutes to complete, and your answers will help us determine whether or not you are a good fit for the video game research group at this time, so be sure to be honest.

Lots of people ask if this is data mining, but we only use this information to determine if you are a fit for the group. This is necessary to make sure the research is real, you can imagine we don’t want people who don’t play shooters showing up for a Valorant playtest!.

2. Recruiter Touchpoint

When you are a good fit for a group, someone from our recruiting team will reach out to you using the contact information provided in your survey (so ensure it’s correct). First, you will receive an email or a text asking to set up a time to answer a few last minute questions via phone — usually just to update us about what you’ve been playing lately and times and dates you’d be able to participate.

3. Logistics Email

If all updates and availability still align with the study, the recruiter will provide an email and text with logistical details — addresses, times and dates, login information, etc. You’ll get a time and date reminder closer to the session date.

4. The Event

Whether you’re attending an in-person or online event, we ask that you arrive on time. We’ll get everyone signed in and technology situated before beginning the actual study. Every study is different, but most include a discussion that will be led and moderated by one of us. Listen to the directions, share your opinion, ask questions, and have fun!

5. Get Paid

Our participants are always compensated, and we deliver your choice of payment via PayPal or an Amazon gift card. After the study concludes, you will receive an email asking you to specify your preferred payment method, the associated username or email, and payment usually arrives within 1-2 days, barring any issues with processing. Your payment address is kept entirely separate from your email address on file with us so feel free to use a separate email for either.

6. Share, Stay Tuned, Surveys

More paid gaming opportunities will arise sooner rather than later, and every survey informs us of your updates and continuing interest in participating again. Share your experience and feedback by giving us a Facebook or Google review or getting a friend or two to sign up!

Infographic showing the steps of the experience. Includes the same copy as the blog post, just accentuated with images.


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