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So…you just finished a study, or maybe you just signed up. You’re probably asking, “I want to participate! When’s the next opportunity?”

Honestly, there are a few ways to answer that.

  1. If you just signed up, stay tuned to your inbox and texts. The benefit of signing up with us is that you can take your introductory survey and place the (albeit exciting) thought of participating with us on the back burner. We’ll send all fitting opportunities directly to your inbox as soon as they arise! But rest assured your profile isn’t on our back burner.We greatly appreciate the time and energy dedicated to taking our screeners, and because of that, we work very hard to try and fit as many eligible candidates as possible into our rotating array of opportunities. We aggressively distribute and promote these screeners so that we have a large pool of potential candidates for upcoming studies, particularly those with extremely tight criteria. (Hypothetical example: Males age 21-24 in a certain ZIP code who love FPS but have never played Halo. Seems impossible, right?) So when you see more advertisements for signups, don’t think you’re being overlooked or have fallen through the cracks. We’re just adding to our overall pool of candidates to attempt to cover as many types of gamers as possible. Something we are working to improve in our user experience is being and staying in better contact with everyone who takes the time to sign up, so stay tuned to your inbox for those messages, as well.

  2. For recent participants, stay tuned. Sometimes, our recruiting criteria requires users to have not participated in any market research in the past 60-90 days or more. That means if you just participated, there is a chance we won’t be able to re-recruit you immediately. However, we greatly appreciate the value of players who show up on time, participate with energy and focus, and are overall easy to work with. So if there’s not a timeframe limitation on recruits, we may dip back into recent studies if an experienced player fits the criteria of that newer opportunity.

For us, the next study is always right around the corner. Sometimes, it’s overlooked that we (as a company) don’t recruit players to these paid opportunities for our research, we conduct research on behalf of clients. While we never disclose our clients’ names and projects (except to players in an active study session), they represent a wide range of creators, developers, and distributors of games that range from mobile apps to indie games on PC, cutting-edge VR experiences to AAA titles on the newest consoles. So for us, there’s always something in the works.

What that means for users waiting on an invitation: our recruiters are always working to fit users to active and upcoming studies. So know that if your inbox is a bit lonely, our team is sprinting to fill other studies that might not be a perfect fit for your gamer profile, and we’ll dedicate the same speed and energy to future panels that might be your first or next Well Played experience.

We hope to see you in the lab or online soon!

Disclaimer: Our paid research studies are not intended to serve as a consistent source of income for participants. We conduct market research for industry-leading clients, which requires us to be very specific in our recruiting criteria that often excludes players for a variety of reasons. We always do our best to fit as many fitting recruits as possible into studies, and are always working hard to make the Well Played experience — from screener to session — more enjoyable for everyone.


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