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What Are Paid Survey Sites?

There is no shortage of paid survey websites that can easily appeal to anyone looking for a little bit of income on the side. Some of these sites offer low-paying surveys on a daily basis, while others serve users less frequent, but slightly more profitable surveys. Most of them advertise how everyday people can earn money by taking surveys, but the reality is that many of these surveys — even on the reputable sites — only pay one to two dollars per hour or compensate you with lottery entries to win prizes, sometimes without telling you until after you’ve invested your time and effort. On top of that, the process of participation on these paid survey sites is tedious, repetitive, and can feel inconsequential.

Like Some Online Survey Sites…

  1. We rely on our participants to take periodic screeners that request basic information on their demographics in order to sort them into the best-fitting study opportunities.

  2. We offer users the ability to sign up through our introductory survey to receive future paid research opportunities.

  3. We seek the feedback of everyday people on products they use and topics they care about, and we pay them for their time.

How is the Well Played Experience Different from Paid Survey Sites?

  1. Our screeners aren’t our endgame. They merely give us the basic information we require to recruit users into focus groups, discussions, and interviews. There, they are able to play and test games, discuss gaming concepts, and feel truly heard. Our participants’ feedback is passed onto our clientele of developers and distributors to be implemented into new and exciting gaming projects. We do sometimes conduct surveys that are short and offer the chance at a large reward, usually something akin to a a PS5, Switch OLED or other giveaway as an incentive, but our policy on participation is always honesty and clarity — before anyone invests their time and energy into our process, we are upfront about compensation, especially if it’s not monetary.

  2. We try our best to only send surveys to users with a good likelihood of being a fit for an upcoming study. We most value the feedback and opinions of participants who understand the intricacies of gaming as an industry, an activity, and a lifestyle, especially when it aligns closely with the subject matter of the current study. This selective survey sending also allows us to give highly-contested seats in our studies to those who will contribute to the best possible experience, rather than just the first users to respond.

  3. While our recruiting surveys are not compensated, our research studies always are. Whereas online surveys often pay only a handful of pennies to a few dollars for your time, we focus on ensuring our compensation rates are always fair (if not great!). Currently, we pay $150-200 per study session via your choice of PayPal or an Amazon gift card, and work hard to complete payment processing within 48 hours. No confusing “points” systems that work out to just a few bucks or free swag. You give us your time and opinions, and we feel it’s fair to pay you for that.

Unlike generic paid survey sites, we focus on our user journey throughout the much fuller experience we provide — from the initial recruiting survey all the way through participation and payment. We highly value the time, input, and data security of our participants, which also differentiates us from online survey websites. Where these dime-a-dozen sites appear to provide quick wins of a few easy bucks, Well Played Research provides an exciting and engaging research experience all about gaming — and the survey is just where the game begins.

Begin your Well Played journey by signing up with us here.

We hope to see you online or in the lab soon!

Disclaimer: Our paid research studies are not intended to serve as a consistent source of income. We conduct market research for industry-leading clients, which requires us to be very specific in our recruiting criteria, which often excludes many players for a variety of reasons. The intent of such stringent recruiting is so that we can successfully fill small focus groups of unbiased users to participate in studies spanning 60-180 minutes, whereas most online paid surveys can be completed by thousands of anonymous participants in a mere 5-15 minutes per survey. Well Played users are paid for their participation in our moderated studies, and not for taking introductory and recruiting surveys.


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